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The 80s in many ways ushered in the electronic games we play today.

from the Sinclair ZX80 to the screen you are reading this on now.
Also some brilliant hand held games, which used technologies
like vacuum fluorescent displays, which were a very bright tube
and created some bright sprites.

These are the early type however, and were expensive to produce.
Some older calculators use this technology as well.

LED and LCD soon came about and brought hand held games
like Grandstands Mini Munchman and pocket scramble.

The Vfd technology are among the best like Astro wars
Firefox, Space invaders, Galaxy invaders.

The larger of the hand held games seemed to peter out in the late 80s.
The 90s still realized LCD games and more sophisticated systems
like the Nintendo Gameboy, a follow on from their very popular
Game and Watch series.

Now XBOX and PS3 etc are used.

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